Facebook has launched IN STREAM ADS so that video creators and publishers monetize videos of FB pages and earn money from Facebook with ad breaks by short ads in their video content and get approval in 48 hours.
IN STREAM ADS has started its services in some countries for publishers to monetize videos on facebook.If you are eligible for IN STREAM ADS you can make money on facebook from videos.
The Administration of FB has intented to expand its IN STREAM ADS services for all the countries.We hope the nations who are not listed yet will make money on Facebook with IN STREAM ADS soon,because it is a trial of IN STREAM ADS launched by Facebook for its Publishers.

Facebook now announced it has begun testing IN STREAM ADS,publishers will earn a 55 percent Ad revenue while Facebook keeps 45 percent.You can monetize your specific videos or enable it for all of videos on a Facebook Page not in a profile.You can manage your IN STREAM ADS account in Creator Studio.

Click below for the list of facebook IN STREAM ADS countries and languages who are now part of Facebook Creator Studio -👇
Check list of Countries and supported languages


Facebook ad breaks eligibility before to start

  • You should pass Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility before start.
  • You must have a Page with 10,000 followers.
  • You should complete 30,000 views with 1min average duration with three minutes in length in the last 60 days.
  • You should be 18 years of age.

How to check monetization eligibility in Creator Studio

  1. Sign in to your Creator Studio.
  2. Go to the Monetization box and click at Check Eligibility.
  3. Check your status under Monetization Eligibility 

How to check monetization eligibility in FB Page

  1. Go to the FB Page that you want to check for eligibility.
  2. Open the page and go to the Insights of the Page.
  3. Go to left side of your page and click at Videos tab.
  4. Go to under IN STREAM ADS and click view tab.

How to enable facebook monetization

  • Go to IN STREAM ADS below the monetization tab.
  • Check your videos are monetized are not in the right side of your videos there will be a sign of $ if the colour is blue it means that your videos are not monetized.
  • For monetization click at video and open it in a big screen.
  • Go to right side of your video at the top in the right corner.
  • Click at 3 dots and then go to edit post.
  • Go to right side below and click at ad breaks button.
  • Then select automatic performance or manual performance
  • Click at save button below to save the settings.
Discuss on Facebook IN STREAM ADS
This comes at an important time,because at one point Facebook was paying certain high-performing pages to actually publish live broadcasts,with no ad display required.

That program ended December 2018 ,so this will offer new ways for Pages with high follower counts to continue to monetize the platform.

As you watch a video, there are stage in this video where the pause or IN STREAM ADS feels natural to the viewer, This system is not like YouTube, which can UN-publish videos until they’re confirm for monetization.

As one producer before-mentioned, “you’re going to get the massiveness of your video judgment within the first 24 hours due to the way Facebook’s algorithmic rule works.
The IN STREAM ADS signal-up page will now automatically impart creators whether they’re eligible to partake. Yet, even for Facebook Pages with way high compass, the countenance process can take days.
And yet with all of the frustrations, creators who aren’t yet qualified for the program are still interested in the potential IN STREAM ADS have for them. One constituent of where a maker is rancid in the queue depends on the video’s current scene count and therefore could veer at any time after the video is disclose 
Facebook described these standards as a procession to ensure “a in fact real share” for video creators, advertisers and regular users. “As we get ready to reverence our commitment to our participator to enable them to monetize, we’re very excited.Beyond the minimum lengthen for several videos.


You must set up a payment account to receive your earnings from ad breaks.You will set up your payment account once your Page has been approved for ad breaks.You can receive money via Bank account or a PayPal account.

You can set up and can change your payout methods from Creator Studio. To do as such, click the Monetization tab, at that point click Payout settings. Here, you can see the majority of your past transactions, download receipt and statements and you can change account settings also.

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