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How to get paid for recommending Amazon products

How to get paid for recommending Amazon products

There are a few models of Amazon FBA. Any model can work really hard and bring in cash.

Before choosing an Amazon FBA, first understand which models are accessible and which one is more suitable for you

Disclaimer: This article is a personal agreement only, without arbitrage and wholesale insights, estimates for reference are definitely one-sided

1. Exchange (Retail/Online)

One sentence test: Disconnected or search the web for limited/under-rated items, buy low and sell high, and get the distinction.

Working Methods:

Buy under-estimated/limited products at disconnected retail locations or other online stages (such as Walmart)

Remarking and Bundling

At the FBA Distribution Center

follow current postings


Low edge: not need a lot of starting capital, likewise a few hundred yuan should be possible

No storage risk: search for items with a specific level of bulkiness on the platform, don’t insist on being sold

Simple activity, fast to start: no compelling reason to produce photos, no compelling reason to insist on copywriting, surveys, no compelling reason to make progress

The choice of objects is straightforward, and there are not many traces of thought. You just need to look at the BSR to decide the speed of the item stream. There is no compelling reason to dissect the market environment from top to bottom.

get paid fast


The responsibility is huge and it requires a lot of time.

There is no stable stock of products, whether you are on the web or disconnected, you have to constantly check the goods if you need to get paid. In the event that you do not filter the goods, you will not have any cash. To make it harder: Just use the time for cash.

It is hard proportional. Obviously, there are sellers who do a lot of abitrage, but if you don’t want to list individuals and use “individual” hard work, you basically don’t have the option of creating a large scope. Will happen. even if you are finished.

General overall revenue is marginally lower

Amazon doesn’t seem to care about this model: in light of the fact that basically, you sell recycled merchandise (despite the fact that you didn’t open the bundle and use it). If you grumble, your record security will be affected. If you cannot provide proof of purchase (receipt) to demonstrate the source of your goods, you will certainly be barred. This is the biggest danger of this model. Obviously, there are ways to avoid the dangers. If you do this mode, you should consider it ahead of time.

This model is not difficult to operate in China, especially retail arbitrage, essentially not considering everything. In the event that you do arbitrage online, you need to use an external preparation community. You send the items you buy online to an outside stockroom first, and the outsider will help you review, sort, pack and name (Amazon FNSKU codes), and later enter an FBA distribution center.


2. Private Label

One sentence check: Find items with appealing but typically little competition on Lookout, request your own items (post your own logo), and sell them on Amazon.

Working Technique:


find a provider

OEM Manufacture

In the FBA Stockroom

self made posting

item promotion


Simple to scale: This implies that you can do a lot and the model can be replicated. Simply create an item and copy your own useful model. It is also necessary for a small organization with few people to achieve an annual profit of a few million.

Automated revenue isn’t difficult to accept: once the item is developed, there’s no compelling reason to manage it, day-to-day responsibility is minimal, and work time and field opportunity can be explored. With a journal, you can work anytime, anywhere and plan your time perfectly.

Potential Net Revenue Moderately High: If your determination is strong enough and structure an exceptional selling point, the total revenue will be huge


The activity is generally confusing, requires amateurs to learn conversation, the subtleties of the activity are high, it is not difficult to step on the pit

You are expected to have a certain level of imagination to create an object. In the current market environment it is difficult to bring in cash simply by copying and moving blocks.

Need to load up-stock, risk of not having option to sell

Requires a specific measure of explicit speculation, including request cost, coordination cost, advancement cost, and so on

It is a drawn out undertaking. It normally takes some time from item scheduling to item development. profit level during the period

The item promotion period is short for the most part, on the grounds that a huge promotional venture is needed to move up the item rankings and get natural deals later.

The competition is intensifying, on the grounds that such a large number of sellers rush to the platform


3. discount

One sentence check: Get discounted products from brand providers and sell them on Amazon.

Bulk and Arbitrage Examination

Gradually, this model is like arbitrage, although for a larger scope.

What matters is that the channels for getting the product are unique. It is not currently on web/disconnected retail channels, but is directly searching for providers or merchants to get the products. This is purely on the premise that wholesale has a stable buying channel and can continue to renew, so unlike arbitrage, it has backed gains.

Wholesale and Private Label Examination

What is the difference? The current item is on one platform, you just need to search for the provider to buy the products. The second is self-made posting, which is to create your own results, rather than following current items on the forum.

Working Method:

Search results for developed brands that are available now

Find the provider of the item

Talk about collaboration, get approval

group Buy

follow current postings


Activity mode is straightforward, no copywriting, drawing and advancement required.

Can get a consistent and stable salary

The risk is generally low, as they are entirely the kind of commodities that stable deals are worth looking for.

Items should not be modified, and most of them are available in the neighborhood. Lead times are much more limited than in a private name, and business capital is much less.


The profit rate is generally low, the typical profit level is around 15%.

In fact, wholesale’s trouble is mostly about finding providers and maintaining relationships between providers.

Many providers have certain requirements for wholesalers, for example, having their own disconnected stores or online free stations.

In this mode, most of the providers of your objective items are neighborhoods.

For Chinese sellers, correspondence may not be so easy

This may be one reason why Chinese sellers sometimes wholesale

It is appraised that many will ask: Which mode would be appropriate for me to choose?

Try not to ask others what mode you should follow, given the fact that everyone’s circumstances and pursuits are unique.

Before choosing which mode to use, analyze what conditions/features are expected of this mode, and what this mode can bring you.

Will it be able to bring you what you need?

Do you have conditions to do this?

After answering these two questions, you don’t know what to do or what not to do?

Other people asked: I have no affiliation with everyone, would it be a good idea for me to start with arbitrage, and then move to private label after getting comfortable with it?

My assessment is: these are two completely different methods. The exchange will not pass on your private label, and the experience you collect will not ultimately be used. In the event that your aim is private label, just study private label straight away, there is no compelling reason to start with arbitrage.

The last thing I need to say, no matter what type of model you’re doing, jump down to study and research, be patient, and don’t just try to do it.

A lot of hard work is required to aggregate any undertaking into the underlying stage. When you reach a specific degree of understanding of a task, you have substantial accumulation, and quantitative changes can occur later.

Many people have seen Hot Weia bring 2.7 billion goods a year, one home every night, but they didn’t notice how much effort and collection she put in before becoming a Taobao sister.


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