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How to Create a Youtube Channel and Get Paid

How to Create own Youtube Channel and Get Paid

This article is mainly detailed from 3 basic inquiries:

1 How to get profit on tubing?

2 What about YouTube promotion revenue?

3 How can YouTube bring in cash besides promoting?

1. How to get profit on YouTube?

Stage 1: You must have a Gmail account.

The YouTube account is linked to the Google Mail account. The prerequisite for creating a channel and transferring a video is to enroll and sign in to a Google account. As of now, the list of some homegrown cell phones will be in turmoil.

Note: Gmail can sign in, and cell phone number attribution and enrollment places have no effect on upcoming pay.

Stage 2: You must have a YouTube channel.


Broadly speaking, a YouTube channel is as long as you have a Google account, although the channel name and symbol are associated with the Google letter drop. It is prescribed to create channels independently. In addition, a Google account creates different channels.

Note: Before creating a channel, you should be clear about the status of the channel; After the channel is created, the channel should be enriched.


Step 3: You need to transfer the recording intentionally.

This progress is important. YouTube activity is a special act. You don’t just post some recording and let people see it, nor do you solicit distribution. In the event that you are curious, if it is not too much trouble, check out the various articles in this section. I will not go into the subtleties here.

Note: “Excellent content + the right technology” is not necessary, nor key, for effective YouTube.

Step 4 (Pronunciation): You must have reached the threshold of profit/apply for initiation.

In order to empower productivity, the following conditions must be met:

Select a country or location that supports the YouTube Partner Program.

Successful review time exceeds 4000 hours in one year.

The channel has 1,000 subscriptions in any event.

Have a linkable AdSense account.

Among them, the most basic and most troublesome terms are 4000 hours and 1000 subscriptions; The foundation of a “nation/territory” may be laid to assist nations/districts; “AdSense” refers to the enrollment entry after the channel has hit the profit limit, which appears to be simple but is most likely a mistake, the data must be filled in carefully. When something unacceptable is filled in, the follow-up is inconvenient. “Amateur YouTube admins often stepped on the top 5 pits, and the last one was the hollowest!

Regardless of the number of endorsers and the number of views, content also has prerequisites. The Survey of Customizable Applications is an authorization manual audit. In the event that the commentator accepts that the channel or video does not meet the conditions, it is not difficult to fall flat. Survey times can be as fast as a few days, or as late as a month. “YouTube monetization policy:


2. What about YouTube promotion revenue?

YouTube broadcasts part of its promotional income (55%) to the relevant Youtuber, which can set up a prudent circle of mutual benefit situations: Promoters get exposure, Youtuber brings in cash, YouTube steps in cash and Creates a continuous flow of noble matter. The platform appropriates 55% of the income promotion to video makers, which is really no less for us media experts.

The pay hole in YouTube’s CPM is a bit big, ranging from $1-10 for the most part. The fundamental factors that affect video revenue include:

Field of View: The CPM of built nations is much higher than that of agricultural nations. If your crowd is mainly from built up countries, the salary will be higher.

Channel field: Some sectors have high CPM, for example, the advanced and financial aspects, which are generally high.

Video duration: For recordings longer than 8 minutes, you can embed unlimited ads and get more.

Channel/Video: A better quality channel or video will get more promotions.

Similarly, it will also be affected by other important occasions, for example, the impact of the curse in 2020, the CPM of most channels will drop markedly. “How big is the impact of the new crown pandemic on YouTube? In 2020, unit costs for most channels dropped by more than 20%.

3. How can YouTube bring in cash other than promoting?

In YouTube content, promoting income is sure to pay off, although most YouTubers will not be happy with just promoting income.

Despite the overall boost earnings strategy, there are alternative approaches to optimizing the oil pipeline. The authorization optimization techniques are: Channel Enrollment, Stock Racking, Super Messages and Super Stickers, and YouTube Premium. These abilities require high conditions and the benefits are not very high. However, as a rule, adaptation from the media is indistinguishable from three important optimization techniques: promoting, bringing a product, and awarding.


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