You can create a YouTube channel and make money on YouTube by upload your videos,if your videos are according to google policies.You can check YouTube monetization policies Click Here
You can’t upload videos that are copyrighted.

How To Create A Channel

You need a Gmail account for creating a YouTube channel.First sign up for Gmail account then log in to and go top right side click your profile icon, choose your YouTube channel name after it make complete settings of your channel what you want to make.Now you can upload videos at your YouTube channel.Read the complete process for create channel below.đź”˝


Method Of Create A Channel

  • âś”Click at your profile icon and settings
  • âś”Click at Create Studio
  • âś”Click at Create a channel
  • âś”Select your channel name
  • âś”Click to channel at left side
  • âś”Select your Gmail account for that you want to log in
  • âś”Click at create account and  go to submit
  • âś”Fill your channel name and your address and give your near postal code and click to submit.
  • âś”Redirect your page.

How to Monetize a Youtube Channel

The Question is How to make money on YouTube.If your YouTube channel get 1000 Subscribers &4000 hours watch time apply for monetization and fill out all  create Ad-sense account give your bank detail and click at apply, your application will go for review.
When your channel approves for google Ad will send you a 4 digit pin code at your postal address and you have to enter this pin into Ad Sense account.

Defination of Thumbnail

Thumbnail is like a profile  picture of a video that you see before start to play a video.

In YouTube there options available which part of video you want to select as Thumbnail.You can select custom Thumbnail .Your Thumbnail size should be maximum 2 MB.You can make your Thumbnail in Adobe Photoshop or go to to make free Thumbnails for your videos.

How to upload Thumbnail

  1. First of all verify your YouTube channel with cell no so that you could customize your Thumbnail.
  2. Click to my channel at the left side
  3. Go to video manager
  4. A list will show of your videos
  5. Click editđź”˝ and go to info settings
  6. There will show 3 thumbnails option you can select one of them
  7. You can select your thumbnail that you have created click at customize and then Documents.
  8. Select you custom Thumbnail and click at upper right to save changes.

How to upload branded watermark

  • Click at icon and then Create Studio and go to left side of your page
  • Click at Channel and then go to Branding then add watermark choose file and import your logo and click save button
  • After importing your logo select how you want to show click entire video if you want to show in yours entire videos and upload it.

How to SEO of youtube channel

SEO of YouTube is more important for viral of your videos .first of go to youtube studio and then click on setting icon
after clicking the setting i con click at channel on the left side of page and ad your tags related to your channel  

How To Make Money

According to google policy ,when your channel make one thousands subscribers and 4000/thousands watch time, it means total minutes of videos view. You can monetize your channel and google Ad Sense will show ads at your YouTube videos and google will pay you when people watch your Ads.

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