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starting a blog for free…. How to make your own blog? If you must have heard or know about earning money from internet, then you must know that you can easily earn money sitting at home through a blog or website. The most unique innovation of today’s world is Internet. The biggest popular thing in the online world is websites and blogs.

If you need information about anything or want a solution to a problem, then you search in Google without thinking. There you get many solutions. In a way, you can also say that there is no bigger knowledge source than the Internet.

But have you ever thought that the solutions or knowledge that we get by searching on Google, where does it come from. Does Google write these solutions for you? No, all this information gives you different websites and blogs. The job of Google is just that it stores the links of those websites/blogs in its database and shows them in the search results. So let’s know how to start your own blog.

What is a Blog?

The concept of a blog is completely different from the website. Blog is a means of knowledge. Suppose you have a company in which you make some products. You have also made a website for that. But the blog helps in promoting about your products to the outside world.


You share the details of those products through blogs, that’s why blogging is so popular. When you search for information about something in Google, most of the results come from the blog itself. So you must have understood the basic thing that what is a blog.

Free blog platforms Freeblog is one in which you do not have to spend a single penny. If you want to learn blogging, then first you should start with free. When you understand its concept well, how it works, then you can invest in it.


There are 2 popular platforms to create a free blog; Blogger and WordPress. I told you in details in the previous post, what is good and what is bad in Blogger vs WordPress. So today we will know that How to start a blog for free .

how to make free blog on blogger

I told you in the previous article that Blogger (Blogspot) is a product of Google. So there is no need to create an account in it. If you have a gmail account then you can access it through it. So let’s start.

1. Open any web browser on your computer and go to or

2. Here you login by giving your Gmail ID  and Password. If you already have a login in Google, then it may not ask you for login.

3. After logging in, you will see the window of “Create a new blog”. Or a button will be found in the left side by the name of “New Blog”. Click here.

4. You have to enter the “Title” of your blog. This is going to be the name of your blog. After that click on Next .

5. In the next step you have to give “Address” which should be unique. If your name is unique then it will tell you that “This blog address is available”. After that click on Next .

6. In the next screen, you have to give your “Display name”, which is your profile name. After that click on “Finish”.

Now your blog is ready. Whatever name you have given in the address field, it is the address of your blog, like Free blog always comes with a sub-domain and that is See, it is very easy to create a blog.

how to write we blog

You will see a (+)  symbol at the bottom of Blogger blog and you can write a blog by going to  New → Post  in WordPress. Here is a video below on how you can write articles in Blogger and WordPress which will rank in Google. Please see it and apply in your blog.

How to make a blog from mobile?

Just like you can create a blog from a computer, in the same way you can create a blog from mobile. To create a blog from mobile, first open Chrome browser and from there go to or website. By creating your account here, you will be able to create a free blog with the help of the above steps,

What is blog writing?

Writing your experience and knowledge by making a website online is called blog writing.

What are the types of blogs?

There are 2 types of blogs; Personal Blog and Professional Blog.

When did the blog start?

The blog was started on 23 August 1999.

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