Google Adsense is a strict ad network that why its approval, making money with it, maintaining it is not easy. You need to keep focus on wrong clicks, right clicks, traffic, code placement and modifications and also you need to check that your ad code should not be on other sites. You should use your Adsense account with very care otherwise you will get banned. So to increase your adsense earnings you need to work in such limits that your earnings are increased without getting banned. So in this post I will tell you how to increase adsense earnings without getting banned.

1. Adsense For Search:


Install Google custom search box in your blog and enable adsense ads in your search results. Now when someone will make any query using your search box he is going to see ads along with search results and there are 100% chances that people will click your ads because these ads are relevant to made query.

How to setup google custom search box in two pages in blogger ?

2. Youtube Ads:


If you have youtube videos, enable ads for your videos. Each of your video will show a skipable ad on every view and there are very positive chances that you will get clicks on these ads. Other ads are also show on the videos.

3. Ads In Posts:

Enable ads between your posts and add ads in between posts which are popular. How to add ads between posts in blogger

4. Text Ad Units

If your content is readable and you have many readers then use text ad units in between posts. For instance if you have a blog about song lyrics or any stories  or education and people read your posts from top to bottom then text ads will be best for you because Google will show relevant ad text and people will click your ads.

5. Number Of Ads Per Page:

So far Google allowed only 3 ad unites per page but now Google allows unlimited ad units per page so you can place as many ad units as you want but don’t use ads in such positions where people click your ads mistakenly.

6. Ad Positions On Page:

Place your ad units in positions where all the visitors are able to see your ads even if they don’t scroll. For example a big Leaderboard below header.

7. Ad Sizes:

Google says that wider and bigger ads perform better. The sizes found to be most effective by Google are:

160 X 600 wide Skyscraper
336 X 280 Large rectangle
300 X 250 Small square
728 X 90 Leaderboard



8. Ads Theme:

Google has many ads themes, choose a theme that match your site style.



9. Adsense for Mobile:

If your mobile site is getting at least 200 views weekly then you must enable Google Adsense ads for mobile site. It will boost your revenue because Google ads in mobile show relevant mobile apps and people download these apps so you get paid for that.


I hope above tips will be helpful, if you have any suggestion do share it with me in comments. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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