Now a days every person use apps in smart phone who has a mobile .You can build android apps in Android Studio with coding for this you should know languages like Java,Kotlin,and C language .Android Studio is a software from which you can make your professional apps,to build android apps in Android Studio you can use other languages also like Kotlin or C language.

Android Studio requirements

Download Android Studio1.8 version and if you want work with java language then download JDK (Java Development Kit) install it  to running the Android Studio you must an Internet connection with high speed for better performance.

Learn java language and then install JDK and download Android Studio and start coding  for creating you App .If you don’t know about java coding you can learn online there are many websites available that provide Java learning courses.

How To Start A Project in Android Studio

  • Open the Android Studio click at start a new Android Studio Project
  • New Window will open and write your Application name
  • Write your company name or gmail
  • Select your project location
  • Select your API it is an android version in which you want to build an app forexample Tab,Smartphone & Pc
  • Put your app icon in the starting project

Make An App Icon

You should Make an Icon for your app before starting a project ,It should be 512×512 by size.

Build Android Apps Without Coding:

There are many networks available from which you can build Android apps without coding ,These works in block system and there are options of drag and drop and connect to each other its very easy you can work here at any topics like games , browsers,calculator making and much more you wanna to create.
There are many networks available for making an app without coding top of these are below⬇
  You can make an app here in a few minutes without knowledge of coding in these networks you can make unlimited apps all these networks get differnt types of commission,here you should learn basic knowled of joing blocks into each other just drag the block and drop the main area of network

Should app make on mobile or laptop

These are the best networks that we have told you but there are many app making networks without coding they provide their services for mobile also but they are not qualify for Playstore they are just for personal use only from this you can make an app at your Mobile without coding,and Thunkable and Sketchware are the networks that provide mobile service also but for best result you should make your app at Laptop or PC.

What is Admob and how to monetize your apps

AdMob is a google network it provide your Mobile Ads to monitize your Apps Go to AdMob and make an account enter you app’s name that you want to build ,it will provide you four types of Ads select your Ad that you want show in your app .

If you select Banner ad then AdMobe will provide a code ,you should enter this code into  banner ad unit and if you created interstitial ad then you must enter this code in interstitial ad unit don’t mix to it.

Before uploading an app at any network first enter your publisher ID in app that Admob provide you otherwise your ads will not show in app and you can’t get earnings from apps

What is Adsence and how to get earnings

Adsence is a network of google that pays your earnings through this it is linked through your bank account and you can select your for example Western Union
When your AdMobe account create you must log in to Adsence with a gmail account same that is attached with AdMobe.
Login to Adsence give your Name ,Address & Payment detail so that you can get your earnings. Adsence is a service which provide yours earnings.

Publish your apps on PlayStore

Make sure that your ads are showing then you should Publish your app on Playstore if you want to earn from Ads.

You have to pay about 25$ fee for the first time to creating your account for publishing your all Apps on Playstore forever once you have created an account .

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